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I am a BME helper, but have only gotten one call. The guy I helped had a bunch of family pictures, they were trying to pick and arrange what photos to use for his father funeral. We spent nearly 1 hour going through old photos, his mother was with him and as I described the images she was listening (also she was blind) helping identify. It was neat to help this man, I felt like I had done a good service. I only wonder why I have not gotten another call? How does the app work, random calling of helpers, maybe I got a bad rating from the guy? I sure hope not.

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either someone corrected this already, or you've seen it somewhere besides the very front of the page.

edit... Sync it with encoded VR content for an earth-shattering experience.

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Thanks! I'll keep waiting. I seen some of the things you have in the pipeline, that should help route calls to the helpers who can assist the most. Awesome app you have!

edit...just opened the app to take a look. 2 million helpers!

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Are you actively seeking other bands to help bring them to light?

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makes me wonder now, is the OP of the link is the website owner? This was fixed within 30 minutes of your comment, ironic? hmmm

edit...well there goes my conspiracy theory lol

edit2...I replaced .com with .eu and earth is spelled eath on the .eu site