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Yes, the deaf community is that uncaring. The fact is that being deaf puts you at a disadvantage, but they would rather force it upon others in order to preserve the culture that they have created. I reached that conclusion after being told that we should wait until our son was 12 before considering CIs, "so that he can help us decide." They knew full well that by that time our son's window of language acquisition would have passed by then.

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First, thanks for what you did. I remember showing it to my wife at the time.

I'm not black, so I hope this question doesn't come across the wrong way. How much of the crowd's reaction was due to the guy, as opposed to whatever the crowd was putting on him? The situation reminded me of the LA Riots, where a guy was beaten nearly to death for basically being white.

If you think there was more going on, can you speculate about why the crowd might have been more likely to attack? I know it wasn't one thing, but I wonder if you have any general thoughts on it. For example this. Or maybe that blacks get harsher jail sentences, or that so many young black males (dads) are in jail.