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Weigh the merit of using any essay questions at all

You have GOT to be kidding me.

consider giving open book tests with page references


Thanks for actually giving a damn about how students perform academically.

Where is your school. exactly? If you don't feel comfortable specifying the district at least specify the state.

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And she hates that jerk Harold. Who does he think he is? He's always bugging her about her house! Fifteen years ago, they agreed, that house belongs to her. Now the value of the house is going up and he's seeing dollar signs...

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Wiseau claims he made some of the money selling leather coats from Korea:

The filmmaker has always refused to discuss where he got the movie's $6 million budget, but he now hints that at least some of the money came from a clothing import business. ''I tell you a little bit, but that's it,'' he says. ''We import from Korea the leather jackets that we design here in America. If you work, you have to save money, right? I didn't get money from the sky. I was preparing, let's put it this way.''

So yeah, sounds pretty sketchy.

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And then in a later novel, the rat is given a chance to become human if he can persuade one of the Animorphs to give up on the team and instead serve an evil multidimensional entity instead... but the rat fails and he begs for death instead, with no clear resolution (e.g. no main character saying "good guys don't kill" or anything like that).

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Well we can do it in Tuxedos, but the old 3-foot-ball-toss can be done anywhere in any clothing. At the park, on the roof of your apartment, etc.