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What else would people ask? What do you find the most interesting about your job that we haven't thought to ask?

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99.9% of Reddit doesn't care about you.

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I'm an animator for feature films, but I feel eventually I would want to work in media/park entertainment in baseball. I think there are a lot of new things that can get fans involved that are being underutilized in baseball and sports in general. How does one get involved in that area of the organization?

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Thank you so much for doing this AMA. I have been a Rangers fan my entire life, I'm up in Yankees territory watching every game through mlb.tv, and this front office has definitely earned my trust even through the craziness of this season. I have a couple of Rangers specific questions if you don't mind.

Since opening the concourse behind home plate, the "jet stream" seems effectively dead. Does the front office believe that Globe Life Park is pitcher neutral now?

With the restrictions, regulations, and penalties now in place, will the Rangers focus less on Latin America than they have in the past several years?

To the (not so casual) observer, it seems that the Rangers have focused less on speed and baserunners and more on fly ball hitters. When putting together a team, do you try to stack a certain skillset, balance, or just put together the best pieces you can that year?

Finally, would you mind giving some insight on anything that the general public doesn't normally hear about what Ron Washington brings to the club? Things like what you mentioned between him and Josh Hamilton today are really insightful.

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What is your reaction to how aggressive contending teams were at the trade deadline this year? Could something like the A's Lester/Cespedes deal completely set the tone for the rest of the day? Could something like the 3 team Price trade be thrown together in reaction to a blockbuster trade, or would something like that have to have been talked about for much longer?