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What kind of reaction (if any) do you get from politicians, concerning health, educational and social politics? Do they feel undermined by your initiatives through the Gates foundation? [loved seeing you on the Ellen show 🤣]

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I enjoy the connected standby-ness of my Surface RT. I can press the powerbutton to turn off the screen, and still listen to music and stream video to my smart TV. Will the Surface 3 be able to do InstantGo (Connected Standby)?

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If you look at the pins on the male connector, you'll see they are positioned 2x3 and at each end. Could it be that the female connector has connections to more pins than what's on the male's 2x3 power connector, and that a thunderbolt adapter is in the works? Just a guess, as I'm not familiar with all the electrical engineering stuff that would go in to said adapter.

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My Surface RT is in almost mint condition, and though I've been *very* happy with the device, I'm considering upgrading to the Surface 3 - I'd love me some scribbling on the screen and the 3:2 screen ratio. Will Microsoft make some kind of program, where Surface RT owners can get a discount on the Surface 3 if they send in their Surface RT to Microsoft?

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Will the Surface 3 support virtualization so I can run the device emulators in Visual Studio Express? The Surface 3 could potentially be used as a small development machine. I could use the time pendling to work, to mess around in Visual Studio and get my mind ready for work.