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as a fellow Detroit (but not a native), I hope your right, but I dont believe it.

there is not much to be gained in Detroit. The resurgence is something we tell ourselves to make us feel better, but the auto industry continues to diversify its footprint, and there are no new industries bringing anything more than maybe a regional office into this city.

The climate sucks, the infrastructure is a disaster, its not in an optimal location for much of anything. Its got some decent natural attractions, but nothing compared to many other places that are actually growing, like coastal cities in the southeast with ocean coasts.

and those that do move to Detroit, would rather commute as far as ann arbor, if not atleast birmingham, canton, novi, plymouth, ect.

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500k miles with regular service... hell, 11k means he'll need to get a few oil changes just during the trip. sadly, first thing that breaks on the ambulance will probably turn it into a scrap heap.

reminds me of the playpump debacle. good samaritans tripping over themselves to donate to this amazing device, a childrens merry go round that pumps water through their effort. Unfortunately children are unreliable, wind up with adults pushing the wheel like oxen with an overpriced and underperforming pump because it sounded great in a non profit board room somewhere in the developed world.

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10k, you can count on everything inside the house having been stolen in the most destructive way possible.

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Do you agree that Miller's Bar is a vastly overrated burger?

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not OP, but if Im in detroit... Im probably eating somewhere in corktown, and probably at slow's

No work will be done that afternoon.