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Hi serious-ish question.

I tried stock and found that even though sales were happening, the money I was making was not worth the effort at all (at least since 2013 or so). I just got a 100 bucks from getty but I don't think they've cut me a check in years. I now do society6 (wall art) and I make way more. Any reason why you are doing stock and not art sales like society6 or redbubble?

To be fair I only have tens of photos on getty but I also have tens of photos on s6 and it seems more promising...

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Landscapes and architecture. Basically travel photography. But each photo is lightroom processed and filtered, not straight out of camera. I feel like decor photography has to fit a mood as well as be a subject that people look for. So not "mountains" but "Sierra Nevada" processed to bring out pinks or aqua or whatever.

I don't know yet if it can be more than a hustle. I had about 20-30 photos up and made 50-80 bucks a month last 5 months or so. Seems like good return given I've had 30 photos up on Getty for years and got cents most months.i started s6 last year.

I'm trying to ramp up to 50, then 100 and see if the income grows somewhat linearly. What's tough is seasonality, November/December were high maybe. Feb has been a slump.

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What's CSR?

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Baby + Boomer suddenly seems likes an apt name for them all of a sudden.

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