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My mother promised me new car tires for a Christmas present, then got me socks instead. I realized why when I found out her new puppy was a $4,000 English Sheepdog.

When I met the puppy I tried to pick it up. He yelped that he was being murdered, bit me, peed himself, and hid under the deck. It's been almost a year; even after spending six weeks in live-in dog training camp, he barks at me constantly and runs from anyone but my mother. I asked her what conditions the litter was in when she picked the dog up from the breeder. She said she didn't know, as the breeder always insisted in meeting in a public place, not their place of business.

My guess is the day before my mother bought the dog it was alone in a tiny cage covered in urine and feces, and had never had any human interaction before the day the breeder cleaned him up for sale.

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Hahaha, I live in Utah! 0.05 is an automatic DUI!

Fuck you Mormons!

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In one of the articles she posted it said the main scam here was to not let people out after the legal limit of 72 hours. They do this by petitioning the judge for an extension; the judge has 5 days to respond, but 86% of the time the institution dropped the petition before the judge ruled on it.

It sounds like the perfect way to bill an extra couple of nights at $1,500 each while being within the law and not getting cited for phony diagnosis.

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Omit as much as possible and lie (where legal and ethical to do so) everywhere else.

More people should do this. I have a fake identity with his own email, google voice number, DOB, name, reddit account, all memorized. I've been using him for so long he probably has quite a history. Anyone can put gibberish in an online form, but you often need an actual email or phone number which will tie you back to your real self.

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So is it the Amish reading them or people who like to fantasize about being Amish??