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Omit as much as possible and lie (where legal and ethical to do so) everywhere else.

More people should do this. I have a fake identity with his own email, google voice number, DOB, name, reddit account, all memorized. I've been using him for so long he probably has quite a history. Anyone can put gibberish in an online form, but you often need an actual email or phone number which will tie you back to your real self.

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So is it the Amish reading them or people who like to fantasize about being Amish??

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I heard this too, but that it is B-list actresses, not so much major celebrities.

At Cannes you'll have plenty of Instagram models, B-list or former celebrities, and travelling prostitutes being ferried out to the superyachts for the week.

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This is much better and more nuanced than 'afghanis resent foreign imperialist incursion', thank you.

Why are you in Canada vs USA? Better or easier to get into?

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We had one dad who would come yell at the kids, but he was hardest on his own kid. Everyone in the crowd stared and whispered, he didn't care; he loudly criticized nearly every play and call, and showed up to every game.

It sounds like if I went to a game today, I might run into a dozen of these guys instead of one guy standing out.