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For Don Coscarelli- In regards to the ending scenes of John Dies At The End (The Movie), What are the implications in which the story will, if the cliffhanger holds true, be continued? Will it lead into (again with the premonition that you’re working on a sequel of sorts) the predecessor of the original novel? Or be continued on grounds with the concept of the Shadow people left out in the previous movie? If not, could that even be a possibility, if not already discussed

For David Wong - If I may permit another question, I remember reading John and Dave and the Temple of X'al'naa”thuthuthu when it was first being written. I understand that it turned into This Book Is Full Of Spiders; Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch It, but I was amazed and entranced by some of the original concepts and events contained within the original writing (Such as witnessing the Assistant disappear from existence and the accompanying reaction of those other than David, as well as the multiverse contained within the story, leading to a VERY interesting plotline I looked forward too). My question would be that of curiosity pertaining to the concepts being re-used in another book? Not necessarily pertaining to John or David, as I remember reading about you writing a novel not based on the John Dies At The End Universe. So, in short, are you sticking to the themes laid out through your previous writings? And if you are, can I expect to see the same multi-dimensional themes?