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The virus is viable up to 24 hours on cardboard.

My paranoid self brings them in, scrubs my hands, then i'll open them the next day. No disinfection needed.

Edit: It's not full force after 24 hours. It can just be found up to 24 hours. It doesn't mean you'll get sick. Here's a better representation.

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I just don't know why my employer is not moving towards work from home

Because the majority of employers throughout history need to be forced to do the right thing or it'll never happen.

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You share the same criticisms as me. Whenever a Windows 8 thread comes about, I get down voted and get into an argument. These are real problems, the #1 being those damn Microsoft accounts "Oh, you want to install office 2013 on more than 5 computers without making a bunch of fake accounts and you want to know what serial number numbers 1-5 are? That'll be 50% more to join our volume license program." WHAT?! $200 vs $300... Not a single office has gone for that yet. NOT. ONE. I am so sick of making a bunch of bs accounts on catch all emails and then trying to keep track of them all and the serial numbers across all the companies I manage, it's ludicrous. I can't even use the 5 seat limit per account because it doesn't even hint at what serial number each drop down option corresponds to. Once again I get bitched at, and once again, people obviously have never had to do it, or they would completely understand why this is absolute hell.

Adobe started to pull this too.

Them: "Our cloud subscription for business is $70 a month"

Me: "Ok, can't I just make people accounts and pay $50 a month?"

Them: "Sure, but then you couldn't centrally manage your licenses"

Me: "Why in the hell would I pay another $20 per month per user then?!"

Them: "If centrally managed accounts doesn't concern you, then you don't have to get the $70 an stick with the $50"

Software companies are making it harder for businesses to buy their licenses and are charging more for the privilege to make it a little less hard. I am so sick of it, and I am sure plenty of other people are just as pissed. I can see Open Source software really taking off in the next 5 years.

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My sister started taking classes at community college after watching this show. 2-years later, she's almost done with the ASL program. Don't let your dreams be dreams.

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They slept like shit.