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Americans will comply with the law.

eye roll. How stupid do you think the electorate is? No one in your campaign can possibly believe this. This is why everyone hates politicians because they say stupid shit like this.

What happens when people refuse? Are you going to send armed military to surround their house to arrest them? And then what happens when they still don't give them up? Are you going to be firing on citizens to take their guns?

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The reality is this.

The hardline progressive left heard the last election "We need to defeat Trump! We can't have a guy like Bernie because he's way too left and then Trump will win!"

So the progressives bit their tongue while the DNC shoved Hillary into the nomination.....and lost.

So the "mainstream" democrats had their shot. They put up Hillary and lost.

So the progressives that now hear (again) "we can't nominate _______ because they are too progressive and then we will have another 4 years of Trump" already heard that the last election, and it didn't work so they don't believe it to be true.

So now they are saying "well fuck, I'd rather lose to Trump with a person I actually like and actually promotes positions I feel deeply in than vote for another crony capitalist / establishment candidate. Especially since Biden has some REALLY BAD anti women (Anita Hill), Anti poor/black (Crime Bill) and anti liberty (Patriot Act) actions or bills that he championed/led/wrote.

Because maybe, just maybe, the mainstream democrats are wrong and that will put the Democrats ahead of Trump.

And I can understand not wanting to swallow their vomit for Biden only for another big risk that Trump wins again.

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If it's "like ALS" is it also perpetually degenerative? If so, at what pace?

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it's probably negative a few billion by now.

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It was an utterly pointless take on what is a really compelling and under covered issue of drone pilots killing actual people from a TV screen 10,000 miles away and how it affects them