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commandershepuurd6 karma

Fantastic documentary. I have a more boring, pre-production question! I'm a Media Production student with a love of documentary.

How did you go about getting the film on Netflix? Was it pitched to them and funded with them, or did you just go and make it and approach them afterwards?

commandershepuurd1 karma

I've always been interested in making games. I have 2D art skills but can't code. I want to make a few 2D projects to start with then perhaps one day delve into 3D modelling. I already have Unity installed from following some basic tutorials on YouTube.

What would you recommend as a basic starting point? Visual coding for dummies kinda thing. Do I need new programs? Can you recommend a particular tutorial series/informative website?

commandershepuurd1 karma

Hi Warwick, I was just curious as to where your name comes from?

With Warwick being a place here in the UK, I was just curious if it has anything to do with that?