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What was your impression of the Australians at Tobruk? Where they like what ANZAC legend makes them out to be (brave, heroic, humourous)?

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"Man, fuck this system, prison inmates are eating better than public school children! This needs to change."

"So you'd increase funding for school food programs?"

"Nah man, I'd much rather slaughter the prisoners."

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would you rather be blind or have penises for arms?

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The ask GG emails are really interesting, I spent a week answering them when I was on work experience with Good Game a few years ago.

This was at a point in time when they had just reviewed minecraft so 90% of the emails were generally just people asking "WHERE DO I GET MINECRAFT PLEASE". So much so that there was an auto response I sent every time it was asked.

The ABC's censor filter blocked most of the weirder emails but believe me there were some odd messages that got through.

Also a lot of people asked Pokemon questions about which starter they should choose and I ended up getting worried that I was giving children shit Pokemon advice since it wasn't really a game I played much.

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This is an odd question, but what's the dress code for performances like this? Most of the female performers I've seen wear gowns like yours, and most of the men wear suits.

What would happen if you rocked up to the place in Doc Martens and a T-shirt?