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hey Mikel, I’ve been a huge fan for years and I loved Hollywood Park in all its forms. in the time that TATE was lying low I lost a parent as well, and I’ve been struggling with that experience and everything that comes along with it. my question is how do you handle the people who come into your life after your father passed? I have a hard time handling the fact that the person I marry will have never met my stepdad, who had a huge role in raising me. I tell stories and I point out which traits I’ve gotten from him but it never feels like enough. I guess it never will feel like enough but any insight would be hugely appreciated. your work has always meant so much to me and I appreciate all that you’ve given the world.

comeunwound2 karma

they once did a small private show in Philly where the audience was able to choose the setlist. I tried so damn hard to hear that song live but no luck 😂😭