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Thank you for the AmA. How are prisoners treated inside the camps? Is there really a lot of murder and rape by the guards. Second, Is there any kind of underground movement in North Korea that would be willing to start a revolution and overthrow the regime? I feel if there was, they would receive a ton of support from other countries.

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Could you describe your escape?

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Thanks for doing this Austin. I officially joined the libertarian party last week, due to your message. As a South Carolinian, I was glad to see that you only lost to Johnson by 2 delegates, however, I would have been much happier if you were to have won.

My questions are: How are the primaries looking with regards of your chance to win the nomination over Gov. Johnson? How far behind are you, and how many more states must you win to take the lead?

If you happen to lose the nomination, I know you will support Gov. Johnson, but will you continue to put your name and beliefs out there in the anticipation of running again in 2020?

If Gov. Johnson wins, would you accept if he offered you to be his running mate?

If you win, who would you consider to be your running mate?

Thanks, you have a supporter in me.