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Uhhhh I wish (Canadian here). 11 CAD is more like 8.75 USD.

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Has an RNA vaccine ever been used for other existing viruses in the past? Why try a novel vaccine method with a novel virus? Is it just coincidental timing (i.e. the technology wasn't available until very recently?)

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If you think about a certain one, like slapping, does it make you have a higher urge to do it? Like in the same way that thinking about yawning makes people need to yawn?

Really learning a lot from this thread by the way, thanks for making it!

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If you suspect someone close to you has bipolar disorder, based on both family history and behaviour, what is the best way to approach this with them? Given that (in this case at least) it's almost certain that they will be immediately in denial and become extremely defensive.

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Hey Brendan! Loved watching you play! What was your favourite personal moment all time as a Canuck?