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The comprehensive screen company that we got a flyer for when I was pregnant, tested for PEX 6, which is a gene that can cause PBD/Zellweger's from French Canadian heritage. PEX 1 is actually the most common (about 70% of cases). There are actually between 10 and 14 genes that are known to cause Zellweger's (most researchers agree on 12 genes). Unfortunately, it is a really hard disease to screen for unless you know specifically what to look for in that person (like the special IVF testing they are going through.)

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Oh! At work I've made several check lists for keeping track of stuff with a laminated paper. Dry erase markers work great, but the older vis-a-vis overhead projector markers are awesome! Stuff can't accidentally rub off, but wipes off easily with water/rubbing alcohol.

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This is so moving. I've often thought about how you must feel about Lily and if you're having a bad day, especially since I imagine it must be a stark difference to your living child. I'll try to reach out to you more often when I think of you instead of holding it inside, now that I know it's something that is needed. ❤️