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LeVar! Thank you! Thank you for doing what you're doing and bringing Reading Rainbow to the current generation. I grew up watching the show, and one of the things my girlfriend and I talked about when we have kids is that even if we had to source old episodes (this was before yesterday), we'd have them watching it as they grow up. I'm 30 now and the song still gets stuck in my head about every other week for a day.

Will Reading Rainbow be available in any way outside of the classroom, excluding on the tablets? Would a child be able to access material in the classroom and then go home and continue? Congratulations on reaching your goal!

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Are you surprised at how dumb some of these folks can be? Especially after shows like "To Catch a Predator" aired?

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I've only ever come across this show when I'm scrolling through the guide, but after reading this post I feel like everyone should know this. And then stop watching. Just like Hardcore Pawn.

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Wow, that is extremely cool of you to let them do that.