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Do you think there is an anti-Israeli bias in the Irish media/public sphere?

What sort of hassle do you fear your family and friends might get?

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Zach, since we can ask you about SMBC. I've always wondered, are the characters which look alike in different panels the same characters/based on the same people? Have you ever considered their story arc?

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Dear David and Zach How did you select the final papers for the conference? Also which is your favourite? Since you've mentioned data, are any of the theories plausibly true or can all theories be refuted by common sense/ other data?

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wow no one has ever replied to a question I asked before. Yeah, exactly, or like the aliens, or like god: for example had you taken care not to make him contradict herself or stuff like that. anyway, I guess not. I would buy into the kids lying on the grass, it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs, without being to derivative.

PS I really like the voteys that involve your creative process (if we can refer to them like that).

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Speaking of which, I think this was the first SMBC I ever read, it is still one of my favourites. Thanks for doing what you do, the way you do. If I had criticisms, I'd let you know.