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Often female customers come in and are absolute attention sucking bitches (remember as a stripper I pay to work so when a girl comes in and starts flirting with a millionaire at the bar you'll see some girls in 10 inch heels seeing red). Or there are girls that come in and act like every stripper that approaches them is trying to steal their man. That being said when a female customer comes in and displays good behavior tipping, friendly, not jealous, and is participating in the fun-ness of the evening (also a bonus if she's wearing pants - long story but don't wear a dress and go commando at a strip club if you don't want to get kicked out) WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! It makes are day when girls come in and are cool - its also nice becuase we sometimes are judged by the "normal people" so having a girl come in and be a pleasure to be around is awesome. Also there is a strategy when approaching a couple, you always have to win the female at the table over. Its an unwritten rule. The girl that talks to your SO first generally will not get your money. Also, my guesstimate is about 40% of strippers are lesbians, sorry to ruin the fantasy boys.

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Began community college at 16. Transferred to uni at 18. Graduated at 20 with a bachelors. Began masters summer 16. Any more questions?

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Depending on the club/girl yes and no. With me never. I drew really hard lines of what I've been willing to do in the strip club and sex for money is just not one of them. Some girls are full service sex workers and they do have sex in the champagne room. For me I don't see the benefit of being a hooker in the club - once you put a dollar amount on satisfying the customer you loose the oppurtunity to get them for more money. I had a regular that spent around $75K in a month and I never slept with him - other girls did and he didn't spend any more money on them, he liked to chase me and see if the next thousand would get my panties off, it never did. So it really depends on the girl - that being said a lot of people spend a lot of money in strip clubs so if you're getting sex in champagne room that girl has probably seen a lot of milage so be careful boys and girls ;-)

As for camming - not really something I'd want to do, I like the anonymity of stripping that isn't offered when you cam or do porn. I do have friends that do it and love it but just not for me.

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It really depends on the club and how strict they are about drug enforcement. I've worked at a seedy place where there's been lots of deals and open cocaine usage - some guys would actually try to pay for dances with blow. In a place like that where the general rule is tip the bouncer if he sees you instead of following any law. I usually say "instead of offering me a line how about you take the line off my ass and pay $10 a line". Usually that works. The club I work at mostly now always has a plain clothes cop in the building and police officers come in multiple times a night - if that happened there I would tell the customer to put it away. Most everyone in the industry is cognizant that people will be doing some kind of substance especially during a night out and [we] really don't want to draw attention to our place of business so the most anyone will do is ask the customer not to openly use in the club.

Come in the club and try to sell to staff.....that's a different story...

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Yes, I've also done a lot of "growing up" in the strip club since I started dancing just after I turned 19. I'm not sure if my opinions have changed as a result of stripping or new experiences or a little bit of both. I think seeing people come into the club in a variety of relational states has allowed me to be much more open minding and less judgmental. I also learned to cut myself some slack and not take things so seriously in regards to men and sex. In regards to love, when I find that I will do my damnedest to keep that person in my life. I've learned that there's a difference between sex, connection, and love.