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You're being too modest: the Mothership pre-dated The Wall by at least 3 years. I think it probably even pre-dated the giant pig from Animals.

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The IRS doesn't write the tax code, it tries to execute and enforce it. An over-complicated tax code is no more in the interest of the IRS than an over-complicated cockpit to a pilot.

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Seems to me that calling this video misinformation is misinformation. It's a well-done and mildly amusing mash-up of early-1950s newsreels and documentaries, with a new voice-over. But it doesn't contain any substantive misinformation, and I can't really see how anyone could use any part of it to mislead anyone else in any significant way. Aren't you just creating false controversy to promote your channel?

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Every morning we'd have to do fuel surveys.

Drive around? Phone around? Online OPIS?