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Why should people elect more Democrats into office? Every metropolitan city in the US is under nearly 100% Democrat control for the past 30, 40, 50, 69 and in some cases, 80 years and those are the worst cities in the country, and for some, worst in the world.

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The main host doctor, Travis Stork, was on the Bachelor years ago. If you dive into his life, marriage, and divorce, you will see that this guy lives for attention and validation.

Is it any wonder he would star in and host a show designed to tug on people's heart strings (in exchange for ratings and accolades)?

Douchebag gonna douchebag.

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I said county, dumbass. Broward county is in Florida and it’s a solid blue county.

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Are you planning on turning down that $1200 check that’s coming in a few weeks?