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You guys have been designing ribald party trivia video games for over 20 years now, how has the industry changed in all that time? I haven't seen too many other studios make the kinds of games you do, how do you stay afloat? Likewise, how has Jackbox games been able to keep their material fresh, funny and weird for all this time?

Thanks!! Keep all the awesome games coming!

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I remembered seeing you perform stand-up at Pratt Institute way back in 2007, there were maybe only a dozen people in attendance (not unusual for the typical turn-out there). I remembered you asked everyone to clap and cheer and ask for an encore.

I never saw a stand-up do something like that before, it was funny in a really strange sort of way, everyone had a fun time being sort of in on the meta joke. Have you ever tried that routine at a larger venue?

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Hi Bill Plympton!

With Cheatin', I see you were able to fund a portion of the film using Kickstarter and will release it directly to your fans using Vimeo on Demand. As an independent film maker who focuses primarily on adult animation, do you feel we are living in a golden age for content creators?

I love the work that indie creators such as Don Hertzfeldt and Signe Bauman have done in terms of opening doors for not just for adult content but in telling very sophisticated stories too. Do you feel we will ever reach a point where major American studios would be interested in using animation to tell stories primarily for adults?

Thanks for making so many great films!

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I'm sure it wasn't intentional at all, but a lot of the comedians that performed there would always make jokes about the pretty shoddy poster designs they'd have considering it was coming from an art school. Many of them made jokes about the "free pizza" being written in larger letters than the performer.

One of my favorite instances of this was this one comedian would heckle anyone that would run in just to grab a slice, make jokes about the person walking in and how they were trying to slip in unnoticed. It totally killed and about a third of the people who went in to mooch a slice laughed so hard they wound up sitting down for the rest of the show.

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Keep an eye on Exit 73 Studios.

They are managed by one of the lead animators from Superjail and Ugly Americans and are exploring game development after one of their video game inspired shorts, Coin went viral online.