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How do you claim that you don't take money from lobbyist yet you have a Political Action Committee which if I understand correctly is used to bypass public financing option (as show by Colbert in 2012 elections)?

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Why not advertise this heavily!!!! This is great feature for tech. enthusiasts out there. Not so much for designers or regular users who care more for stability and don't want to make decision or choices for configuring their device!

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Why start a new non-profit instead of working with an existing non-profit (create a special branch) to avoid the fundraising/501c status/administrative costs that are related to running a non-profit?

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These funds can be invested in sensible ways to help retrain people and find new jobs.

What exactly is this retraining? This keeps getting said even in the United State where coals job are under threat. The 2016 elections and realities on the ground are that you can't train a 48 year coal miners programming or whatever the job of the future.

So what specifically do you as journalist or as a govt. policy think that a 48 year old coal miner with a family to support should retrain for?

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The question was about how do you retrain a worker that is the coal industry? That is a reason Democrats lost the 2016 election in USA. Hillary Clinton talked about retraining the coal workers without offering specific. Is the solution for the older coal workers to go back to community college to become a programmer?