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coldcherrysoup16 karma

Hi Gary, thank you for this AMA! You talk a lot about bad science done in the health field, particularly around diet. What’s your advice to lay people who want to be able to discern “good” science from “bad” science?

As an aside, one thing I heard you say on a podcast once changed my life: I’m a sugar addict, and my greatest success in battling the addiction has been abstinence. That can be hard to explain to friends or family who think that you can just have something “in moderation.” You once said that you wouldn’t ask a smoker to have cigarettes in moderation or a recovering alcoholic to drink in moderation; I’ve used that comparison with people and it’s made a world of difference. Thank you for all you do.

coldcherrysoup3 karma

I think what I was trying to convey was that it was an easy way to explain it to someone who maybe doesn’t understand that for some people, moderation management doesn’t work