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Years ago you gave a talk in Denver. I got an email from CLIO inviting Colorado users for a beer. About 8-10 users showed up. Just wanted to say thanks for the beer.

Guess I need a question.

How's it going, eh?

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Might have been longer than 5 years. That's what I've liked about CLIO. Very human company. Call customer support with a question and you get a real person on site. No call center. I griped about no call log and a month later, there was a call log. I've been with you guys a long time and I don't think CLIO has ever been down, ever. Thanks for a great product.

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cough Cory Gardner, Bill Owens cough

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Hey Guys,

Use your service often, thank you. I want to create my own archive of a few different websites. Is there a commercial service you can recommend? HTTrack is close, but not quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something that I can put in the URL and a time and it will automatically download on that time. And simple, because I'm a tech idiot.

Appreciate any recommendations.

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Why does the cash register at the dollar store have more than one button on it?