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coin_operated__robot17 karma

I'm also a dancer and I'm totally gonna try your songs.

My faves are Dawn Penn's You Don't Love Me, Lana Del Rey's Body Electric, and all Portishead and Massive Attack tracks.

coin_operated__robot5 karma

Also a stripper. Two skills you need:

Being very comfortable in your body. If you feel even a smidgen of shame at being naked and sexual in front of strangers you're not going to have a good time and probably will turn to drugs or alcohol to help you cope during work. Very, very bad idea and leads to a downward spiral.

Good at talking to people/flirting/hustling. Also, don't take it personally if you get rejected when you offer a lapdance. Some guys are just not gonna be into your type. Just let it roll off your back.

That's absolutely it. It hasn't harmed my professional reputation so far b/c i live in a city and it's pretty anonymous. Also it's good to have some sort of plan to explain the gap in your resume. School is a great excuse and resume filler.

edit: It's not boring but it can be stressful.