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If you could grab one infinity stone from Thanos and had time to do one thing with it before he caught up with you, which one and what would you do?

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Just saying thanks for the work you do.
I'm supposed to ask a question, aren't I?

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I know I'm late and I also know that you are just taking addresses at this point for people who don't answer some other way; but have they given you any instructions for what to do if there is a question on the census that you feel is unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, or otherwise you have issues asking?

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I'll admit that my knowledge of the of the stones is limited, but the time stone seems to take time to work, and it doesn't move you anywhere, so the point in the future you would need to go from where you are now to where they keep the panacea in the future.
Doesn't seem like it would work with Thanos hot on your heels.
I think you would need the space stone with the time stone to pull the item from where it was in the future point and space.

As for the reality stone it seemed like that it needed to continually be powered for whatever changes it was doing to keep overwriting reality. When Thanos stopped imposing the new reality via the stone everything seemed to revert back to the original reality.
Then again maybe the reality stone has temporary and permanent settings? Or it needs a save, or commit command either from the user or one of the other stones?

I ask a lighthearted question with a clear answer and then argue how magic plot items work.

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Yeah but it took him a decent bit of time to see them all. Thanos isn't going to let you keep the gem while you do all that or make the phone call to your doctor.

But good thinking.