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I just wanted to say thanks. I just checked and I bookmarked DDG on April 3, 2009, so I've been using it at least since then.

Also, sometimes I will link to a DDG search result here on reddit (for example, I love /r/whatisthisthing) and sometimes I get a comment like "Oh, DuckDuckGo? You're one of those types huh? How's that tinfoil hat fit you?"

Does it bother you as much as it bothers me that some people think taking reasonable steps to protect your privacy automatically makes you some kind of whack-job, terrorist, pedophile, or worse? Because it bothers me a lot.

I use that Snowden quote sometimes, "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." It doesn't seem to help much against people who are determined to believe otherwise.

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How prominent was the use of cryptocurrencies to facilitate these transactions?

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a woman I arrested asked me to stop at a drive-through daiquiri place on the way to jail so she could have one more daiquiri.

Haha that's hilarious!

I'm not a cop (lawyer) but I have a hilarious story from almost 20 years ago that still cracks me up. So this was in a Big Ten college town, some kid (soon to be client) got wasted at a local bar. His car was parked at a meter at the curb. After 2am he stumbles back to the car, but -- because he has superior judgment -- he decided not to drive. Instead he curled up on the curb next to the front tire and fell asleep.

Maybe an hour later the local police woke him up. He was a bit belligerent about being awakened from his nap, and they charged him with public intoxication and also assault. They took him to the local jail, just a few blocks away, booked him, and by 10AM he had bonded out.

Meanwhile his car had been towed and impounded. He was thinking he would just walk back and find it at the curb. But first -- time to stop by the local bar and tell his buddies all about his arrest. So he had a few drinks and told everyone in the bar his story. Then walked to where he thought his car was parked -- it was gone. Now angry (and drunk again,) he walked back to the police station to find out what they did with his car.

They let him pay to get his car released, gave him the keys, and let him drive it out of the lot until the front tires hit the street -- and then immediately arrested him for DWI. And then impounded his car again

Btw, thanks for being a cop. I hate all the bad press cops get. Sure, there are some bad apples. But didn't the saying used to be "one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch?" These days it seems like people are quick to judge an entire group of people based upon the worst actions or rhetoric of just a few of its members.

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That's a funny story, but still a pretty dick move by the police.

Well you're right, but I think this guy's belligerence had something to do with it.

If I recall we reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor -- they dropped the DWI, he pleaded guilty to the public intoxication and a reduced misdemeanor assault charge, and agreed to counseling.