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Best response of the entire AMA. Go out there and kill it man.

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Just because you’re not doing it professionally doesn’t mean you can’t use the correct terminology! I thought you contextualized it well with your use of “professional”. Anyone who interprets spoken word, regardless if they are an amateur or a professional is still interpreting in the literal sense of the word.

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Well aside from this thread I actually never even knew about it. It’s definitely no replacement for the real thing (yet) due to the limitations of the controller and not being able to use your hands. Like the physical movements you’re doing with your hands on the controller I imagine don’t directly translate if you were to do the same thing without the controller kind of thing. So the VR manifestation may be equivalent to IRL signs but you’re not really quite developing the same motor skills (but are definitely improving your receptive skills, which I believe you mentioned in another comment it’s easier for you to perceive than to produce).

Also facial expressions are such a huge part to the grammar but I found it interesting how you mentioned users are getting around this limitation: head tilts to the side to show questioning vs the traditional raising of eyebrows kind of thing. I love it from an exposure/awareness perspective too. Always good to build hearing allies and get people interested in ASL or deaf culture. It’s a win if this leads someone (maybe you? Lol) to becoming an interpreter for example.

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Just an FYI, translating is for written word. Interpreting is used when it’s spoken word.