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cockandballtorture56 karma

Mentally, I have been happy for 1 year as of last week. Not one sad or depressed day. I am happy.

I am glad to hear that. And being on just one medication is also very good. Would you say you'd be able to work in the future or do your mental health issues always pose a "relapse risk" when put under the stress of having to adhere to a pre set work schedule?

cockandballtorture54 karma

Are you still in any sort of danger from your undercover work? I mean now you are going public by writing a book and doing this AMA with your picture as proof. I could imagine guys you've put away (or their henchmen) being set on revenge?

cockandballtorture52 karma

How are you doing now mentally? Does your financial situation increase the risk for (renewed) mental health problems?