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Hi! I'm always interested in other people's success and the road that led them to this success. I think I saw further down in the comments that you are Taiwanese? What's your background? What led you to the bar ownership business? Do you have other projects?

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Because we write original papers, it's pretty much impossible to get caught unless you get nervous and admit to it yourself

I find this a bit hard to believe as someone who works with college students. Unless a student utilizes your service for 100% of the assignments for a class, it would be very easy (in the vast majority of cases) to tell the difference between typical work by that student and something written by professors to get an A.

If anything, this makes me so sad because it means that the instructors are too overworked or apathetic (or maybe a combination of the two?) to really read through their students' work.

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Having a family member who has undergone ECT treatment, I would say one of the biggest things that the patient and the patient's family might be surprised about is the after-effect of each treatment. It's extremely draining, plus the patient is anesthetized. So, for a day or two afterward, your cousin might slur his speech quite a bit, feel pretty groggy, and could have some short-term memory issues. This is scary for both the patient and the patient's family, because since this is such a last-resort treatment, you sort of want to see immediate results and the immediate effects of the treatment seem to be negative. But, it doesn't mean it's not working. The ECT does seem to rewire the brain for a lot of people, it will just take time to see the real improvement. So don't be discouraged!

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As a graduate student studying medieval European history, I think this is super awesome! Was there something (a book, movie, story) that sparked your interest in this period in particular?

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Besides this one, is there one or two cases you've had as a public defender that have stuck with you? Successes (or failures / particularly difficult cases) that continue to push you to do what you do? Can you tell us a little about them?