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I had no problems regarding hours at the beginning. What happened later is that some people abandoned the programe for some reasons. Some of them could not take the whole journey (some old people), not even the normal one. Others had too much expectations on the programe believing that they would spend all the time working beside the match area so they could watch the matches, which is ridiculous if you think about it properly. Due to these absences, SOME people chose to stay a little longer during the worktime to help everyone. They did not ordered us to stay, some of us did because we wanted to help. Well, we were a team, a family. We wanted to help each other. Also, the committee started to call in some people who were still waiting for the invitation letter, so they could fill these empty slots.

About food, well, the breakfast was not a marvelous thing but we had one at least. The lunch was a masterpiece, it really exceeded our expectations. We also had free ice cream for desert in some days. The major problems happened only during the first day of the games, later on it all became normal, accordingly.

weren't given much food to go on throughout the day

This is not true, we had food yes. Perhaps not a good quality breakfast? Yes, but we had breakfast.

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Yes! Actually I saw many of the big ones on handball, specially the Brazilians. We had rotative positions there, and in some days I was responsible for the access control at the athletes entrance, so I was able to get some handshakes and pins from the big ones!

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Brazilians!! Definitely! We complain too much. The event was perfect, but Brazilians are always trying to compare our country with first world countries, so, every now and then someone would say "yes, that's Brazil, only here...", when something was out of place, or not working properly. They just don't know about the amount of things happening at the backstages, all the planning and stuff...

All the foreigners were very happy and receptive, I was very well treated by them.

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Being part of a wonderful group of people working for the same objective and having contact with athletes and amazing visitors! Feeding your altruistic spirit all the time and being part of this major event where athletes give their best to overcome themselves.

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The main reason I became a volunteer is because I am a sports guy, I love to run and get my bike to run some trails. Aside from that, I always wanted to be part of a major event, a world event like the Olympic Games, and also because being a volunteer, for me, is like being part of a noble cause.

Also to feed my altruistic profile :).