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/u/BenLawsky, it is my sincere hope that whatever regulation you envision is both simple and effective.

The very real danger of unintended consequences in this matter is the risk of creating an unnecessary regulatory burden.

If the bar is set so high that the amount of red tape and upfront cost needed to comply is insurmountable, then I fear businesses, customers, and innovation itself will be pushed elsewhere.

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As opposed to chemotoxic cancer medicines, what do you think about the types of anticancer agents that specifically augmented the ability of the immune system to defend itself against tumors?

I was a little curious about why Provenge (Sipuleucel-T) wasn't found to be more effective. As heterogeneous as cancers can be, a part of me wonders if we don't yet have the drugs that can activate the right parts of the immune system, or by the time we do start it's too late.