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Er-lie in the mooorning.

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if you believe Jews have no right to a national homeland but other people do (that does not mean you have to agree with particular boundaries of the state)

Would it be alright to question why their right to a homeland trumps the Palestinians' right to Palestine?

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This is pretty mainstream in Europe. The only issues would be if you believe that about Basques, Catalans, or that sort of thing.

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Ok, thanks for answering. Do tunnels usually start inside buildings or where?

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Hi, I was wondering what the 'ground offensive' looks like from your end. What have you guys been doing the last few days? I'm asking because what I see on the news is mostly Israeli shelling from outside Gaza, or bombing, so I'm fairly unclear about what you personally would be doing. Does it involve actually going into Gaza much, how dangerous is that, and what would you be trying to achieve? Sorry if all that came across as rude or anything, I just don't know much about this bit of what's going on.

Lastly, I can't say I really agree with much your government's done for a while, but all the best, and hope you're alright.