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-Can you comment on Dominican/Haitian relations post-quake? Possibly re immigration policy vs. the things DR brags about (university in Cap Haitian, bilateral aid, etc)

-What do you think of the IJDH/Brian Concannon case as a whole? Are its efforts & merits purely symbolic, or can something actually come of it?

-Lastly, I'm working in the NW DR and want to visit Haiti, but will only have a week or so to do so. Where can I see/learn/experience the most in a regrettably short amount of time?

Thanks for a fascinating read!

cmperkins51 karma

thanks for the reply. actually heading to La Vega this weekend, so OKap will have to be another.

On DR/Haiti gov engagement: I've seen a few minor sources report a potential new free trade agreement and expansion of the market at Dajabon, but no big sources seem to be picking up on it. Any idea what's up? All the while, it's still functionally impossible for a Haitian-Dominican born in the DR to get a cedula...what will it take for that to change?