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Dr Gupta - do you think the future of cannabis as a medicine is as a pharmaceutical drug or as a supplement/food? Thanks so much.

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I'd love to hear more details about why you didn't like Roosevelt. This is a really great AMA -- thank you!

Edit: Great username, too!

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Jumping on the no particular questions bandwagon, I'd just like to say thanks for Home Movies as well. I started watching when it was first on in the late '90s and became a minor hero among my circle of friends for introducing them to it.

Also, I totally recorded all your songs off of Home Movies (which I recorded on VHS) to play in my car (on cassette) back in the day! Glad you finally released them with the DVDs.

Back to my cave of old person. Long live Brian May!

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The depth and thoughtfulness of your stories reminds me a lot of Bill Watterson (albeit with more text!). In this short-attention-span internet world, what inspired you to make comics in this way?

Massive fan -- thanks for doing an AMW!

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I don't think people's attention spans are are short as we've been told, fortunately.

Thank goodness! I'm a writer and the attention span thing is something that weighs heavily on my mind, just 'cause there's so much noise about it. Doing what you do the way you do it is encouraging and inspiring for me. Seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!