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Congratulations on your book!

Users often joke about there being a Reddit "hivemind", i definitely have often had experiences where I wanted to make a comment, only to discover someone has already said the exact same thing I wanted to say. I wonder, is it because Reddit tends to attract a certain type of person, or maybe it is the way we are influenced by Reddit that makes us have similar thoughts?

Alternatively, is it Reddit a giant mind control device supposed to make us into brainless zombies? Blink 3 times for yes.

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I don't think so, AMA is not really somewhere to brag and their experience and answers will definitely be very helpful for people who are considering adopting such child.

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I'm not the OP, but I think it's because Reddit has grown quite a lot in the recent years. The number of members grew, and as a result so did the number of assholes. And since assholes tend to make themselves visible and they generally stand out, it seems like there are more assholes. Which is kinda true, at least in number, but not proportionally.

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If you ended up with damaged kidneys and required dialysis or a transplant, would they have to pay for that as well?