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Why is your milk in bags??

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Like looking into a mirror... JRA and all WOW! XD I've had (almost) this exact same surgery three times now. My right jaw joint has been replaced, and they had to shatter the left side of my jaw and pin it back together, along with removing wisdom teeth, a screw in my chin, and a bu ch of sinus work. The first time around (I was 16 the first time) the replacement joint was the wrong size somehow. They made it work, but it was weird and my face was visably lopsided once the swelling went down so I got the whole thing redone a couple years later when I was 18. Then while I was still in the hospital, something STILL wasn't right so they opened me up AGAIN! Crazy shit, man. Can I ask where you got yours done? Mine was all done at Bayer in Dallas. It's CRAZY to me hearing other people getting this done! I always joke that I'm a white Persian cat and a monocle away from being a villain in a Bond movie. Wanna be a James Bond villain with me?

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Is it just dolphins, or does the navy train other types of marine mammals as well? Like seals? I'd like to know if there are real navy seals.