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When can we expect Austin Powers 4?

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Marcin, first I want to think you for saving me countless headaches when I didn't know much about computers, and now for helping me clean client's PCs very easily. I have a number of questions:

  • Quick scan vs Full scan: When do you really need to do a full scan?

  • Why are not all threats immediately chosen to quarantine? I hate going through every single one and clicking the box next to it. If this isn't an option, why isn't there a "Choose all" option?

  • If MBAM doesn't take care of everything, do you have a next go-to program?

  • What's the record for most infections? Ours is 350,000 on a single computer.

Thank you!

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Next to a VW Beetle.

Edit: It fires this at a rate of 3,900 rounds per minute.

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Nuh uh, he reinstalled the drivers and it worked.