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One day you wake up and say "I want to sell Foo, then a couple days from now I'll buy it back."

That sounds like a very silly thing to do. But it's the stock market so that's a given. Doesn't even matter that you don't have any Foo.

You go to your friend / fellow swashbuckler of finance and borrow some Foo. Let's call him Frank.

Frank wants some interest on this short-term loan of Foo. Or rent, or whatever you want to call it.

TradeZero calls Frank for you and charges a little extra on top of that interest.

Oh and the reason why you're doing this is you think $10/ton of Foo is a high price. You sell at that price, hope to only pay $8/ton to buy it all back.

That nets you $2/ton, except you have to pay Frank and TradeZero. But if you predict well, you win.

Or if you have enough credit to borrow and sell all\ the Foo* you can make the price crash. And win pretty much guaranteed.

*pretty much all. At least enough of all.

Unless Reddit shows up and buys all the Foo to spite you. In that case you have to go crying to your friends. "Waaa, keep the scrubs from outsmarting me!"

And TradeZero's like "lol, who are you? no."

And Frankie's like "hey! where's my Foo?"

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How much easier do sprinkler systems make your job? Would you like to see more installed in homes?

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Not turned on but I'm gonna have an afterglow for hours after laughing like that.

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An amazing number of "white" Americans have German ancestry. But German-American identity was suppressed during the World Wars - sometimes officially and often through informal bullying.

For a while we actually printed more German language newspapers than Germany!

Dr. Seuss's "The Sneeches" is about discrimination generally but was heavily influenced by his experiences growing up during that period in addition to the more obvious public issues of anti-Semitism (he was fiercely anti-Nazi) and Japanese-American internment (which he regretted supporting).

And that's just a tiny taste of what I mean when I say that white Americans should do themselves the favor of un-forgetting the history of their families.

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The official word is that children under 10 can transmit the virus but almost always have only a mild illness.

Some cases in the US have been detected by the Seattle Flu Study and flu-like symptoms are possible with almost any virus. However, vomiting, muscle pain, etc. are not good evidence of Covid because they are very common symptoms already.

Wet cough with shortness of breath is the signature which public health officials are looking for, especially because they can't test everybody.

To give an analogy, a fire truck in a hurry will use its horn to get your attention, but a truck horn doesn't prove that you are hearing a fire truck. Instead a siren is better evidence because it is more unusual sound.

If we had more testing capacity like South Korea - (and I'm personally very disappointed that we don't) - then you being tested would provide helpful information to researchers. It probably won't provide actionable information to you personally. At least 80% of cases are mild and there's very little that medicine can do that will help a mild case.

(Antiviral drugs may help. They're still being tested and they'll need to be rationed for serious cases. Otherwise the only cure is time.)

From what you've described you might have a mild case of Covid-19, or you more likely have influenza. Either way it is best for you to stay home and recover. I'd rather have mild Covid than a flu myself because it provides immunity.

Monitor your symptoms and call again if they become worse, especially if you notice shortness of breath.