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I’m sorry for that - very sad indeed. I am wondering - what is the blood quantum? Does it mean that below a certain %, relatives cannot be part of the tribe or live on the reservation? Sorry for ignorance of this concept.

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Follow up question based on recent experience w Austrian Airlines. We arrive after a direct flight to Vienna and are told that none of the bags made it. They flew without any of our checked luggage and everyone had to fill out missing bag claims. How is it possible that a flight takes off with none of the passengers’ checked luggage?

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Lol. Okay I’m glad it is also perplexing to you. It was wild. Let me tell you, the desk agents helping us with forms were not apologetic at all and just pretended this is just a thing that happens. Will not be flying them again!

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Call your senators (especially folks in red states) and demand they reopen the govt.

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In response to your first bullet - at what point into an emergency event, e.g., being locked in a metro train filling with smoke, do you stop listening to instructions and self-evacuate? There was an incident in DC last year, where the passengers were in that very situation and were told to remain calm and not leave the car (went on for 45 min before first responders arrived) and a woman died because of it, with numerous others sent to the hospital.