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well - if any of my questions are too personal, just don't answer.
you say 2 of your children have this trait - if you have other children have you had them tested to see if they are carriers? this is autosomal recessive, so both you and your husband have the non-working gene. - after you learned about it did both of you go back to your families and ask if other past babies might have had it too?
you sound like you have a great handle on the situation and i wish your whole family the best of luck.

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Thank you. But will it ever stop? I know - it's been 11hrs since you AMA - but - will there ever be a time when there isn't corruption? you are just one & probably gone through a lot of grief for honesty - but - it all seems so overwhelming that it will never end.

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oh - Just 'Hi' Gilbert - hope you are doing well. Always liked you, but haven't seen you lately. You just have a nice day - ok?