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This may sound stupid but one of the big hangups I have is my irrational fear of snakes, and I've read they are part of the AT. Is it possible to avoid them?

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Did any of you guys see South Park last night?

If not, it presented a pretty sharp counterpoint to this whole way of thinking. The argument was that it's absurd to complain about being watched when we broadcast so much about ourselves anyway. Another point they made was, 99.9% have absolutely nothing of NSA interest going on in our lives anyway.

Would be interested to here your response(s).

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Have you ever sat at a table with Norm MacDonald? If so, what was like to play with him?

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What sort of things did you do for market validation? Did you have personal experience with this type of thing, people you knew who needed something like this, or some other type of research?

Also, how do you go about estimating market potential? I realize it's probably pretty difficult to do, but I would imagine it's also something investors/VC folks would be very interested in. I'm mostly just wondering if you make an educated guess, or if you have more concrete ways of quantifying the opportunity.


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This is for Zack:

How far can you punt a football?