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No that’s not what OP means. OP means there is a pairing system with a pool of donors. Or a donor chain.

Alice has kidney disease and Barry is a friend who wants to donate.

Claire has kidney disease and David is a friend who wants to donate.

Barry is not a match for Alice. David is not a match for Claire. They all get put into the pairing pool. Turns out David is a match for Alice and Barry is a match for Claire, so that’s who they donate to.

So if you are a willing donor you do not necessarily need to match the friend who prompted you to become a donor in order to help them, your kidney will go to someone else who you do match, and your friend will get one from someone in the same situation.

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What’s the lowest bandwidth way we can keep you company?

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I consider that to be a terrible idea. Poor people would be selling their organs.

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If you are into abstract post-singularity sci-fi the full novel length text of Charles Stross' - Accelerando is available in basic html. Other formats are also available here. His whole blog is fairly interesting and text-based, and contains a list of those of his other work available online here.

And for your news purposes: https://text.npr.org/

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Your previous AMA stated that you were not an organ donor , why are you not?