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Austin, Dallas, and Houston, right?

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Since you're here, I have a question. I have an opportunity to be a doorman at a bar in my college town a few nights a week. I think it'd be a lot of fun and I'm a big dude at 6'2 and 235. I also happen to be black which helps intimidate people for whatever reason. The problem is that I've never been in a fight. I'm slightly worried that might get me hurt at some point. I'm definitely not averse to fighting, people just don't come at me for that. Should I go for it anyways?

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Soo basically, I wouldn't be welcome in West Virginia? Good to know.

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That's great to hear. I'm not only good with words but also conversation. I lift regularly so I'm not worried about being strong enough. Just didn't want to get my ass kicked or something. I might be starting as soon as this weekend.