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Very nice, I’m also trying to first incorporate more uncooked food in my not-so-great modern diet of convenience food. And a breakfast of fruits/smoothies is one of the easiest meals to incorporate all fresh foods from a garden/harvest.

But fruit makes my throat feel weird and I have to clear my throat a lot for a while after; likely a mild irritation which I hear is common with many fruits and everyone has their own particular sensitivities. Anyway, so I usually follow up with a cup of tea after-hopefully I can find a natural tea (I have a metal sieve for loose tea instead of using a processed tea bag).

In a country I lived in we had access to loose tea growing in soil. Not so much in NYC. Thank you!

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What’s the hardest (or one of the hardest) aspects of the project and eating only what you grew/foraged?

Or if you want an alternative, what did you miss most? Ie: Did you miss a particular processed food like a pastry, or sausage, or something.

And what did you like to eat for breakfast?

Fascinating experience. Kudos.

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What’s your starting point or where are you based? What’s your end point?

I know the NYT is based in NYC but not sure if you’re an international correspondent. I’m assuming NYC tho. I know that building in Times Square well.