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Favorite multitool? (Sog, Gerber or Leatherman, Victorinox....?)

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That's a South Korean band, making it rather unlikely that OP heard it in North Korea. EDIT: I should clarify that I think it's unlikely that the NK government approves of it's citizens listening to SK music.

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which are programs that requires beverage companies to tack a charge onto the price of their drink to be refunded after it’s returned. They actually work really well.

We have such a thing over here for nearly every 1.5L bottle, it's 25 cents per bottle and it works really well, just as you say. I wish it would be expanded to cans as well like in Germany.

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Many reviewers, forum dwellers and other audio afficionados claim headphones need to be broken in by playing music or white/pink noise through them for X hours before they start sounding as they should.

Myth, or is there some truth to this?