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I worked in a burn unit. You'd be surprised how many patients are meth cooks. The last one told me he blew up from his "homemade fireworks factory in his garage". Sigh. You guys kill me.

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Eating leftover frozen dinner may be more sad than forever alone.

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As a veteran who gets exemplary care from the va, I really don't trust the GOP touching it. What exactly are you proposing to change it?

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I think it was a concerted effort to find problems in a government run healthcare system that serves millions of veterans. It happened during the huge pushback against Obamacare. Anyone I know would love to have the care that I receive at the VA. If I ever have a problem, I schedule with my doctor and see him. Afterward, I walk out the door, no bill, no fuss. If someone messed with that system, I would be very upset.

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Any funny stories about other competitors?