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Hi David, When I was 7 years old I also was taught by my speech therapist to put my tongue behind my teeth to pronounce my S sounds and I thought I sounded like an idiot.
Are you still wearing your fitbit? I am the only one left in my group of friends that still wears one.

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I think it is because those 33% of Republicans show up to vote more than the 76% of Democrats. Especially in local elections. I think people are realizing they need to vote at the local level more and I hope our district starts to elect people who have their interests at heart.

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Hi Andrew, Bay Ridge resident here. I am excited to see you challenge the status quo in District 22. Especially regarding quality of life issues like pedestrian safety and transit. I feel like Marty Golden only works for the businesses in the area and tosses out a movie night in the park every once in a while to make it look like he's doing something. As someone who commutes daily to Manhattan for work, do you have any ideas to improve the express bus situation? I feel like with more people moving to south Brooklyn the X28 and X27 lines are filled to capacity. Thank you for doing what you do!

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Isn't this exactly what the Republicans have wanted all along? A minimal national level government with everything decided on state level?

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And Axe Weilding.